Planes don’t fly over Antarctica, here’s why

Planes don't fly over Antarctica. Have you ever wondered, why planes don't fly over Antarctica, while the North Pole is crowded with flights?

Why do planes fly over the North Pole but not the South Pole?

Planes don’t fly over Antarctica, but why?

First, Soviet pilot Valery Chkalov was the first to fly non-stop from Moscow in Eastern Europe to the American Pacific coast. His flight from Moscow in the RSFSR to Vancouver in the US state of Washington, passing through the North Pole on a single-engine plane, took 63 hours.

The Arctic region was a no-go zone for aircraft due to the ban on flying over the Eastern Socialist Bloc of the Soviet Union. It had to either travel through the Middle East or fly through the Arctic of North America and Greenland. With a refueling stop in Anchorage, these Cold War paths extended from the northern Alaskan coast through Greenland to Europe.

Immediately after the Cold War, a number of direct southern routes opened between Europe and Asia via the Black Sea, the southern republics of the Soviet Union via Afghanistan, and by the mid-1990s via China. Russia’s eastern and arctic regions suffered major problems related to the lack of English-speaking consoles. Lack of radio facilities, poor radar coverage, air traffic control services, and lack of funds.

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Why not fly over?

A plane in Antarctica
Source: Алекке Блажин/Pexels

There was a time in history when long-distance aircraft routes were limited. Prices were higher, there were fewer airports, and facilities were less sophisticated and efficient, so planes always needed to stop. Fortunately, as technology spreads and becomes more convenient, long-haul routes have become common. Increasingly, at affordable prices, and with capabilities not previously available to humans,

Additionally, one thing that made you wonder is that when you are traveling at high altitude in an airplane, it is difficult to pay attention to the path you are following across the land. Also, planes rarely fly over Antarctica except in very exceptional circumstances. In fact, even flights over land in Antarctica are unusual.

Have you ever wondered why this happens, and what are the reasons that cause planes to fly away from Antarctica?

Well, Antarctica has always had a scary reputation, with its cold and icy mountainous environment not very welcoming to humans. Also if you are interested in knowing why planes fly over the North Pole but not the South Pole, be sure to watch the video embedded above and enjoy it as always.

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