Engineering Jobs Websites That You Need To Know

Looking for Engineering Jobs but don't know which job search engines are best? Here are 15 Engineering Job Search Engines you will love.

Are you looking for engineering jobs but don’t know which job search engines are the best?

Have you recently graduated from an engineering college or university and are now looking for your first engineering job? Don’t worry; we’ve included the top 15 engineering job search engines where you will find the most up-to-date engineering jobs.

Or perhaps you’re unemployed and want to return to work faster? Maybe you’re sick of your current job and want to find a better one.

First of all, you need a plan and a set of well-defined goals that you can achieve in a reasonable timeframe.

Furthermore, if you are an engineer actively seeking a job, we’re here to help you. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top job search engines for engineering jobs that can help you with your search.

While you must write a resume that highlights your unique value proposition and draft a cover letter that tells your career story to capture the recruiter’s and hiring manager’s attention, you also need to start marketing yourself. If you aren’t actively promoting your technical skills by contacting employers, your chances of getting a job interview are slim to none.

Job search engines are one of the tools that can help you reach more businesses and review their open job opportunities.

Breaking into the Engineering Industry

The market is hotter than ever. While we develop new technologies and find new applications, growth will continue to be part of the engineering industry, and there will be more. Becoming a leader in the engineering sector nowadays requires remaining pertinent and applicable to the new technology.

Most engineers are technically qualified in their fields; about 75 percent of engineers have an engineering bachelor’s degree. Of all the college graduates, engineers make the highest starting salaries.


When you are attempting to enter the engineering job market, a resume will simply not be enough to do the work. You should also know where to locate the open and advertised jobs. Checking company career pages one at a time is tiresome and annoying. As a young engineer, you’re probably searching for an efficient method to look into the world’s engineering job openings.

Top Job Search Engines

Most job seekers, including engineers, search the internet to find job opportunities. A lot of the job search engines won’t cost any money. They are designed to help job seekers find matching jobs quickly and submit a job application with a few clicks.

But there are hundreds of websites, and not all of them are aimed at specific industries or disciplines.

And some of these websites are just a big waste of time. They may not be accurate, and they could even have posted fake jobs!

Therefore, we conducted a comprehensive search and compiled a list that takes the worry out of job seeking online. Whether you’re looking for electrical or mechanical engineering jobs, these job search engines will offer you many opportunities.

1. Engineer Jobs

Self-proclaimed “the world’s most-visited job site,” hosts one of the biggest search engines around the world. This search engine currently advertises hundreds of thousands of engineering jobs from some of the largest engineering firms in the world. You can perform targeted searches for specific engineering to meet your specialty and career needs in various locations, industries, and sub-industries.

2. Engineering Central

Engineering Central is a site dedicated to engineering jobs. At the time of this writing, you can apply to 205 electrical engineering jobs, 164 mechanical engineering jobs, 158 chemical engineering jobs, and opportunities in civil engineering, manufacturing engineering, and industrial engineering. The majority of these jobs are for engineering companies in North America. However, you will find opportunities posted for other global locations as well.

3. is another dedicated job search engine that covers the engineering job sector. It offers the best engineering jobs for engineers across the United States and Canada.

Searching engineering jobs by specialty, location, and targeted filters such as work experience and seniority level makes finding engineering jobs simple on this platform. Check out this job search engine for opportunities in mechanical engineering jobs, electrical engineering jobs, biomedical engineering jobs, chemical engineering jobs, and more.

4. Engineering Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented social networking platform that was launched on May 5, 2003. On June 13, 2016, Microsoft announced it would acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.

LinkedIn is unique because it offers you the opportunity to connect with 450 million+ professionals (many of whom are engineering managers) who can help you create human-to-human connections and friendships that can lead to employment referrals.

5. CareerBuilder – Engineering Jobs

As one of the largest job search engines, CareerBuilder hosts thousands of engineering jobs every day. They provide employment services in 23 countries and are responsible for 25 million monthly website visitors. On this job search engine, you will be able to save the common job searches and also post your resume and cover letters.

6. Indeed – Engineering Jobs

Indeed is the most famous job search website, with over 140 million visitors per month. It currently has 324,850 engineering jobs posted. You can search for any engineering job, and you will find many opportunities for you; that’s a guarantee. Indeed can be the best website to start your job search. Indeed is live in 50+ countries and is available in 28 languages

7. Monster – Engineering Jobs

This site is a job search engine that employs a staff of 5,000 and is one of the oldest job search engines, having launched in 1994. Monster hosts jobs in 50+ countries with 65+ million monthly site visitors. Monster was recently acquired by Randstad for $429 million in cash.

8. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job search engine and community that focuses on creating transparency in career opportunities for its users by sharing information from employees and job seekers. The website listed 3 million salaries and reviews and currently hosts 379,869 engineering jobs.

9. Beyond –

Beyond is the company that manages and operates and hosts profiles from 35+ million job seekers. This is a great job search engine for engineering jobs as well as connecting with professionals in the engineering industry.

As of this writing, it boasts 56,463 engineering job openings. That includes 14,900 global new jobs as of this week!

10. Dice – Technology & Engineering Jobs

Dice is owned and managed by DHI Group and is one of the largest hubs for technology and engineering jobs in the U.S. It currently hosts 79,545 technology and engineering jobs. The website includes a large community of computer and software engineers with careers in web development and software design. Dice has been helping engineering job candidates for 22 years.

11. NationJob – Engineering Jobs

NationJob is a large job search engine based in the U.S. with 25 years of experience hosting technology and engineering for many employers in various industries. NationJobs was launched by HR technology professionals who wanted to save their clients money by helping them find job candidates with a small investment and a short amount of time.

12. iHireEngineering

iHireEngineering is an online job search engine specific for engineering jobs and the engineering industry. They host and advertise engineering jobs to engineering job seekers, aiming to help them make a successful career transition. iHireEngineering targets industry-specific engineering jobs. Their iMatch technology takes engineering job opportunities from more than 12,000 resources and provides the best jobs according to your specific personal preferences.


Engineering. Jobs is the hub for matching engineers who want to open engineering jobs with those who want to hire them. This task is done through a software algorithm that utilizes keywords and locations to find the right occupation and specialties. You can look into more than 2 million jobs from thousands of companies, all updated daily, save searches according to your search term and location, and apply for engineering jobs with just a few clicks.

14. Workopolis

Founded in 2000, the Canadian search engine Workopolis allows employers to post engineering jobs. Workopolis helps job seekers manage their careers by providing daily and weekly advice to 3 million monthly visitors.

Headquartered in Toronto, Workopolis is Canada’s largest job search engine and is a member of a group of 57 job search engines operating in 130+ countries.

15. Twitter – #EngineeringJobs

Twitter enables its users to reach large audiences. As a job seeker, you can use this to find hidden job leads, network with industry leaders and hiring managers, and research companies while building your personal brand.

To get the maximum job search benefit from Twitter, you need to have a strategy. To target an employer, search Twitter using the company name plus the words “jobs” or “careers.”

Improve Your Chances

Don’t depend on a job falling in your lap. Although you could be lucky enough to discover an exciting job posting online, it is more likely that you will have to proactively search for and identify a job opening at one of your companies of interest.

Many job search engines want to help you explore and gain access to their network of employers; however, it is better to go into your job search with a short list of companies that you’d want to join.

Here’s what we suggest:

1. Make a list of companies you would love to be a part of.
2. Write down your skills and match them with your career goals and passion.
3. Then select 10 companies that meet your career needs and wants.
4. Go to the online job search engines mentioned above and then use those company names as a keyword.
5. Find and compile a list of engineering jobs specifically within those organizations that match you perfectly.
6. Submit your application, then go directly to LinkedIn and reach out to the hiring managers in that company.

A lot of people will offer to help you or refer you to someone else who can influence the hiring decision, but you must first be willing to expand your network.

You must also learn how to approach a new person in a way that is not desperate or needy. Instead, you should offer value, advice, and ideas to make your prospects like and trust you.

That’s the best way to start a new professional relationship.

Don’t Get discouraged; Learn to Ask for Help

We know this is easier said than done. This is an attitude that you need to develop. This is a mindset you need to create. You must prepare yourself for a long job hunt and a tedious hiring process. But this will be so much easier if you have a clear plan of action.

1. Write down your goals every morning.
2. Set daily objectives and complete one task at a time. Multitasking is a myth.
3. Record and track the job applications you send, the phone calls you make, and the companies you visit.
4. And after you finish one task, take some time and reward yourself.

The Bottom Line

Engineering is a thrilling discipline for the reason that engineering jobs usually place you on the leading edge of advancement. Nearly every facet of our everyday lives demands engineering.

Engineers serve as the pinnacles of innovation, and without them, our ideas will never become a reality. We need engineers to continuously create new technology for applications that improve our quality of life.

There is no denying that.

Job hunting can be frustrating, especially in tough economic times. When choosing a career path, it can help to consider the future of engineering jobs and which skills you must develop to earn top salaries.

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