Pyramid shaped mountain discovered sitting beneath ice in Antarctica

Antarctica’s Pyramid Mystery: A Natural Formation or Something More?

Antarctica is a continent covered in ice and largely uninhabitable to humans. But what if there were something more to this frozen land than we realize? In recent years, rumors of a pyramid-shaped structure being discovered in Antarctica have circulated.

So, is there any truth to these claims?

Pyramid shaped mountain covered in ice
The ‘pyramid’ is covered in ice. Source: YouTube/History

In 2016, satellite images of a pyramid-shaped mass were released to the public. The structure was located in the southern part of Antarctica’s Ellsworth Mountain range and measured approximately 2 kilometers square at its base.

Naturally, the discovery of such a massive and unusual object in such a remote location sparked a flurry of theories about its origin. Some people believed that the pyramid was the work of an ancient civilization, while others speculated that it was a relic of an alien visitation.

However, scientists were quick to debunk these claims. They explained that the pyramid was actually a natural formation known as a “pyramidal peaked mountain.” These mountains are formed by the convergence of glaciers on the sides of an existing landmass, which over time erodes the mountain into a sharp peak.

While the pyramid in Antarctica is certainly an impressive sight, it is not evidence of anything mysterious or supernatural. It is simply a product of the natural world, shaped by the forces of time and ice.

Yet, that’s not a final answer

Of course, the mystery of Antarctica’s pyramid is not entirely solved. Some people continue to believe that there is more to the story than meets the eye. They point to the fact that Antarctica was once a much warmer and more hospitable place and that it is possible that an ancient civilization could have thrived there millions of years ago.

However, until further evidence is uncovered, the most likely explanation for the pyramid is that it is simply a natural formation. Nevertheless, the mystery of Antarctica’s pyramid continues to fascinate people from all over the world.


The pyramid-shaped mountain in Antarctica is a natural wonder, formed by the forces of time and ice. While some people believe that there is more to the story, the most likely explanation is that it is simply a natural formation.

There are some other pyramid-shaped mountains out there to support this point, including Mount Búlandstindur in Iceland, and Bordoyarnes Mountain on the Faroe Islands.

At least we made sure aliens weren’t wondering about our planets and building pyramids, or are they?

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